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November 2011

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Mining, Balls and Tidbits!

We are back in Ain, mining!!!  The mine is so pretty.  I think I say that almost constantly when we are here, but it really is.  There are these amazing caverns and formations, the pavilion is breathtaking... and there is something to be said about the sparks flying off the tip of the shovel when you smash it against things.  It is nice and peaceful too, the cave troll are a little annoying, but nothing a little innocence  and an avenger can't handle.  We really need to learn that banner spell that paladins do.  Paladins are so dreamy...

The White Rose had a ball last night.  It was a funny one, people had to dress as opposites, like the men as women and vice versa.  Allye was so perfect, a tie and a loincloth. And a BEARD!!!  Nesra won the contest for best dress female as a male, she was very proper!  Hank won for male as a female, but I have NO IDEA how they smooshed him into that gown.  It is a good thing Katjia is an empath or he will be all crooked for days. There was a contest for the worst pick up line too, so bad!   Uthgaar skipped this one, I am not sure he forgave me for the costume ball in Shard that we went to as eachother.  (He still has the best ankles)

I am a little worried, we left offereing for Berengaria, and she actually granted us orbs.  Maybe she did not look into us very much.  The more research we do, the more we seem to be rethinking things.  We will have to see where this leads.

In a few days we have the jousts, and then after, Commander Traim asked me to be the practice dummy for a one-shot contest.  I don't think he actually said practice dummy, but that is basically what it is.   I don't mind being a target, I think it will be a lot of fun.  Hopefully, Berengaria will not notice.


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