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Stuff to Not Forget

By: Synamon

Synamon MacUlrik
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Sister to Allye Shhoiyvvhur'Slo and daughter to Akariss (whether he likes it or not), Synamon is the married to her favorite and usually dusky souled paladin, Uthgaar. She is currently the Ambassador of the Illithi Court as appointed by Ferdahl Aemmin and in charge of recruitment for the Order of the Apostles.

She has a penchant for science, and often forgets that not everyone appreciates it the way they should.

She is not always the most politcally savy, but does her best to act in a way that the Ferdahl would see fit. She fails from time to time, but not for lack of trying. Politics are a tricksty thing, and some times they cause morals to bend... Synamon has a hard time with that.

If she asks you how you feel about science, boxes (with air holes) or fire, be sure to have favors with your god of choice before answering.

She can be found pretty much everywhere, and usually with her sister. Together they are a force to be reckoned with... be afraid, be very afraid! (or not)
armadillos, boxes no air holes, boxes with air holes, clam invasions, cows, cupcakes, fire, fuzzy slipper, mammoths, mining, moon cows, moon ponies, moon pony/cow weddings, rakash tails, science, tea, tidbits, turtles