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November 2011

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A New Beginning

I lost my ambassador journal. Honestly, the intentions were good with it, but the execution was an abysmal failure.  There is nothing to worry about if it is found tho, for the most part it was short lists of who people were that kind of degenerated into crude drawings of the backs of peoples heads.  Politics is not what I thought it would be, I do not hate it, I just... well. it is a disappointment.  I expected to have troubles, but not from the people that seem to be the biggest cause.  I supposed even friends can be enemies in politics.  

We had the best spar night tonight.  Usually we end up just running triage and watching the fights, but tonight we set them up to be 2 v 2 with one empath on each team.  Lancel was in charge, he likes getting to boss people around, and he is really good at running them.  It was kind of a carry over from the Hostile Healers lecture earlier in the week.  Ipkin and Garia won, but Allye came in a really close second with Kattena. She was amazing.  Uthgaar and I competed but when he went to protect me, Ipkin snuck in the middle and he ended up breaking his soul in the first round.  I feel bad because I seem to always do that to him, but it was still so much fun.  I will have to make him some cookies to make it up to him.  

It has been nice to do some empath centered events, we end up be accessories so often, that it is almost disheartening. 

The lecture went really well, the turn out was pretty good, and I did not trip over my tongue, and no one fell asleep.  All good things.  Allye helped me so much with the preparation, we are going to see about maybe presenting it in other provincese too, but, together instead of just me droning on.  Uthgaar even came, he said it was good, and I didn't hear snoring from behind his beard!

When we were doing research for the lecture we we traveling a little.  Allye and I seem to be drifting a lot, Hib and Ain... the mines in Ain are so beautiful.  There is so much I didn't know, amazing history to our guild and so many things left to discover.  We have talked about maybe doing more traveling, it is not easy tho, with our duties to the order, and mine to the court.  But, I think we can make it happen.   Just the things we have been learning in Hib make us want to find out so much more.   I am going to have to talk to Uthgaar, he travels so much himself I am sure he will not mind, he may even join us once in a while.

Something is different for sure, both Allye and I feel it.  We owe it to ourselves to find the answers.  I guess it seems like this is just the beginning... a new beginning.