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November 2011

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stupid theren and the stupid baron and stupid rumors and stupidness

I've been doing some reading.  I know that it may really be too little too late in some ways, there is part of me that thinks that I should have done this a long time ago.  But, in my own defense, Theren is not really supposed to be my focus, and you do not grow up hearing stories and not just believe that they are true, especially when the person telling them is Akariss.

I always knew the Outcasts were horrible, but I guess I never realized the extent of it.  I read the account of the murder of Ferdahl Kukalai and I could not stop crying.  Not just the tragedy of it, but the facts of the  world we live in today.   She met with Raenilar and offered peace, a treaty, apologized for things she had no control over. He held a 600 year old grudge... and she was willing to accept responsibility for it!   And then he killed her... with a blade fashioned by a necromancer!  They are all horrible things, but not really what has me the most upset.

That worthless Baron was there for all of this!! He was at the peace talks, he fought against Raenilar!  Then the hypocrit married the Outcast princess anyway!!!  He sits up there in Theren and acts all holier than thou with his decrees and bannings but he married the sister of the man that killed our ferdahl with the blade of necromancer!  He acts as if they are some vile abominations, while sitting next to her.  And now, when it appears she has lost her mind, he plans to return her, but, it will not be him doing the returning, but his people.  He will stay in the keep, safe and sound and send others to do his dirty work.  

The hypocracy is unbelievable.  He sat in judgement of Her Grace for meeting with the Dragon Priest Emperor, like she was doing something that was a slap in the face to Therengia.  Last I checked, she did not marry some one whose brother killed Therengia's leader.  He had issues with Ilithi's stance on necromancers, while being married to the sister of the man that used a necromancer's blade.  Not to mention the fact that the HUMAN baron married the ELVEN princess... he set up Therengia to be under Outcast control, whether anyone cares to acknowledge that or not.

I adore Madigan and Marsais, and our friends in Therengia, I really do.  It breaks my heart to think they will be angry with Ilithi, but we do have something to celebrate.  Sending Majca back to the Outcasts is removing an insult to Ilithi, and worthy of a party. 

Some times, it gets wearing that so many people seem to be angry about things that I have not said, maybe it is time that I start actaully saying things... it would be nice to warrant the ire.